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Life's short. Dress fabulously. Today is Thursday, April 27, 2017

Presenting... LATTES & LACE!


Hi everyone,

It's with great pleasure that I present you with LATTES AND LACE! This is my new blog and you can easily access it at www.lattesandlace.com. It is bittersweet to also announce that I will only be blogging at my new domain and no longer at Hellooo Gorgeous - but don't worry, you won't need to split your time between both sites to look up any old posts I've written. I've gone and exported this blog into my new one, so all the same content has carried over. Thanks for your support and I hope you'll continue me as I start my new journey at LATTES & LACE!



PS - I'm on Twitter! Follow me @SarahLaRosa, I'd love to see what you guys are all up to!

My apologies!


Hey everyone! I apologize for my long absence - my work schedule has been absolutely insane! Totally different from when I was a college kid and had the entire day to myself! Anyways, hang tight, I'll be back in a hot minute. Thanks for sticking with me :)

We knew this was coming... bebe rips off YSL's Trib boot


The YSL Tribute boots were on the feet of anyone who's anyone, so you can't really be surprised that they were knocked off. What I AM surprised at, is how long it actually took. Interesting. But the bebe version looks pretty close - and fab.

Tyra Croco Ankle Bootie

$189.00 at Bebe

The originals...

Image via Jak&Jill

Hot for autumn: Eek! by Eugenia Kim at Urban Outfitters


I confess I didn't know who Eugenia Kim was before (literally) two minutes ago, but FabSugar wrote up a post on her new capsule collection for Urban Oufitters and I totally died for this beanie.

EEK! by Eugenia Kim Belt Beret

$38.00 by Eugenia Kim at Urban Outfitters

Am I the only one who's over summer already? The rain and humidity has been a huge buzzkill, totally killing my outfit options. I'm ready for the humidity to die down already and the crisp autumn air to set in so I can rock fab headwear like this!

Fashion FAIL.


So two designs from Project Runway winner Christian Siriano's designs for Payless have landed on the retailer's Web site - and guess what? They're nothing like the fabulous footwear we saw debut at Fashion Week.

Images via Payless.com

And just in case you happened to miss what Mr. Siriano debuted on the runway, here's a little offering of the original collection:

Image via The Cut

Here's some more info from nitro:licious...

"To be honest I’m quite disappointed with this collection, I was super excited when I first saw the shoes on the runway but after Payless decided to make the shoes more mainstream I’ve lost interest already. Damn, I was looking forward to all the “fierce” shoes he debuted on the runway, what happened to the multi-chain and spikes!"

Amen to that - these shoes are drab and lifeless. In my opinion, not worth the price. That's what you get for stifling creativity.

Seriously counting down the days...


...until these boots hit Payless shelves this September. Alice + Olivia for Payless, $50! Payless! Who knew?

Images via Payless

View the rest of Payless' designer collabs at their Web site - Abaete's got some pretty fab coming, and you can also see Christian Siriano's collection if you missed it from Fashion Week :)

Hot Topic clothes... Who knew there was potential?


Leave it to Rumi Neely of FashionToast to totally turn me on to the Hot Topic Web site. You know the store - it's all red and black, usually the one you walk a little bit faster when you pass it in the mall. On her site, Rumi raved about a pair of pants she bought there, and the fashion sleuth in me totally had to investigate. For the most part, I was turned off by the clothing, but to my surprise there were a few interesting pieces I could totally see myself wearing.

Tripp Black Hook Grommet Pocket Denim Pants, $58

Seriously the longest name for a pair of pants I've ever seen. These pants have some pretty sick detailing for the price tag.

Tripp Black Mesh Ripped Skinny Jeans, $49

For those of us who are hesitant to drop $100+ on a pair of trendy J Brand jeans that you can only wear so many times!

Jessica Louise Black and White Heart Tube Romper, $42

This piece has Old Hollywood appeal to me - it's ill-fitting on this model, but otherwise it could be really cute. I like the frill detail.

If any of these pieces struck your fancy, check out Hot Topic's page (who knew I would ever be saying that?).

Daisy Lowe for Mango, and her general fabulous-ness


Happy Friday! Here's a 2-for-1 post. Literally, just yesterday I was remarking to myself about how I really like Daisy Lowe's quirky style and how I think she photographs really well. So it's a little ironic that when browsing nitro:licious today (as per usual) I saw that Daisy shot some of the new shots for the latest Mango campaign! Looking super fierce as expected. 

Images via nitro:licious

You can check out the other shots from the campaign over at nitro:licious. If you're committed to sticking around here for a bit, check out some random images I pulled off Google of Daisy modeling...

Images via Google Images

It seems that Daisy's got an affinity for leopard print... but then again, who doesn't? Her Converse ad makes me realize that I need a leopard-print jacket in my closet!

Get your '90s on... with the Fruition blog!


Let's face it: it's only a matter of time before '90s style comes full circle and becomes high fashion again. We've seen it happen before with bell bottoms; now MC Hammer's harem pants are resurfacing as 'cool.' Although I was a tot in the '90s, I can still fully appreciate any Saved by the Bell-influenced style.

If you're like me, then you should definitely check out the Fruition blog. Fruition is a Las Vegas-based store that sells vintage pieces online through its blog, but they have an awesome way of styling and showing the pieces. Definitely unique, with lots of color in all the right places. Plus, they have their fair share of designer clothing, i.e. vintage Jeremy Scott tees. Even if you're not planning on buying, check out the artwork that's posted - you could easily pull some outfit inspiration!

Images via Fruition LV

On a random side note, I'm thinking of switching up the layout of Hellooo Gorgeous! Change is good :)

The super-stylish Camilla Belle...


These two shots were saved on my desktop and I had just had to post them because: 1. Camilla Belle is gorgeous! and 2. I adore messy, out-of-place hair.

Images via...?

I'll even give Camilla a pass on dating a Jonas Brother. Anyways, I totally forgot where the images came from, so if you happen to know, hit me up with an e-mail at hellooogorgeous.blog@gmail.com or leave a comment so I can credit appropriately.

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