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Life's short. Dress fabulously. Today is Thursday, April 27, 2017

FashionToast's Rumi launches shoptoast


Have you ever checked out the style blog FashionToast? If you haven't, you're really missing out. Rumi Neely, the extremely stylish author, has fab personal style and has even been tapped by the likes of RVCA and Revolve Clothing to lend her one-of-a-kind fashion sense and styling to. 

Image via fashiontoast

In an attempt to clean out her closet, Rumi has started shoptoast, a blog where she posts items she's selling. So if you're a clothing size small/medium and shoe size 7, rejoice! You can now own a piece of the funky and fabulous Rumi. Payment is by Paypal only. Check shoptoast for more instructions about how to scoop up the pieces.

Create your own super-destroyed denim, here's how...


I blogged about this photo on my other blog (ROCK. CANDY. LUXE. Check it out!), and how I fell in love with this photo... (The denim was originally available at Fruition, but I'm not sure if it is anymore. Check out the original article at M.I.S.S. Crew for more details.)

Image via M.I.S.S. Crew

Anyways, this photo has become one of my all-time favorites and go-to's for outfit inspiration. I used to associate destroyed denim with laid back outfits, hippie tops, etc. etc. - but this shot negates all of that. It proves that destroyed denim can be glam if you just know how to dress it up (a pair of Chanel shades and black heels never hurt either). I immediately fell in love with these jeans, but with a price tag of $210 (for destroyed denim, no less), they were way out of my price range. Then I thought, "why don't I just do this myself (to an old pair of jeans)?" Which was quickly followed by, "Well, I've never actually done anything like this before." I've created denim shorts out of old jeans, but I've never tackled a project like this... Which left a lot of room for completely destroying a pair of jeans - and not in a good, stylish way.

Thankfully, the folks over at Denimology have posted a tutorial all about how to create your own unnecessarily destroyed denim. Luckily for me, it doesn't look too difficult, either! Seems like the perfect project for a rainy day.

Image via Denimology

Check out the post in its entirety over at Denimology (linked above). If any of you try this out, please send over shots of your results! E-mail them to hellooogorgeous.blog@gmail.com. Good luck!

Latest purchases: acid-washed denim & more fringe


Rainy springtime weather is ideal for mall trips, don't you think? Yesterday it was humid and drizzly, so I dragged my sister to the mall with me for a quick shopping trip. We bypassed most of the stores - actually, almost all of them - and only hit up Express, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters. Originally I had my heart set on a pair of Levi's denim shorts from UO but they only had one pair left which weren't my size.

Not all was lost, though, since I walked out of Forever 21 with a pair of acid-washed denim (sure to be hot, hot this summer and fall) and scooped up a fringed scarf from Express's sale section. Overall, pretty successful shopping trip!

Image via Forever21

I couldn't find a pic of the scarf online; I guess it must be pretty old? I'll try to get some shots of me wearing mine though! Anyways, I'm still planning what kind of outfit I'll be pairing this denim with, any suggestions? (Random side note: I'm currently listening to Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix, such an amazing tune! Download now!)

Snag Lindsay Lohan's acid-wash denim look


Lindsay Lohan was snapped by the paps outside famed hotspot the Chateau Marmont, wearing Jet Skinny Jeans and Alexander Wang fringe boots (!!). The acid-wash look has definitely been resurfacing lately, and you can cop a pair similar to Lindsay's for cheap from stores like Forever 21.

Images via Denimology

Jackie Acid Wash Skinny Jean

$24.80 by Skin Ny at Forever 21

Just a little side note: a few months ago, Forever 21 ripped off the exact Alexander Wang shoes Lindsay's wearing in the above photo. Unfortunately, they don't have them anymore (I managed to pick myself up a pair, though! Hehe) but you can still try to copy the full look in another type of fringe boot or sandal, there are plenty on the market. For instance...

Jessica Simpson Women's Geni Fringe Pump

$97.95 by Jessica Simpson at Endless.com

Not an exact copy, but you get the idea. Hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day!

Afternoon snack: Oxford flats at Urban Outfitters


I posted a day or so ago about my sudden lust for a pair of men's Oxford flats. I know it's almost summer, but I can't seem to get these shoes out of my head... Plus I just spotted those fringe Oxfords and I'm contemplating those as well, although I'm not such a fan of that light brown...ick.

Deena & Ozzy Cutout Leather Oxford

$58.00$49.99 at Urban Outfitters

Canvas Fringe Lace Up

$38.00 at Urban Outfitters

On another note, I scooped up a men's straw fedora at H&M today. Not sure what I'll wear it with yet, but it seemed like a necessary addition to the wardrobe.

Super-destroyed denim: DIY or worth the splurge?


Earlier today I was expressing my love for super-destroyed denim. I know it sounds ridiculous, I mean as a real "adult" I should be buying clothes that I can actually wear in an office... to a real job. But I can't deny my new obsession with destroyed denim, I feel as though it's dressed down with a grunge feel but at the same time so chic. Some new denim is launching at Fruition, check out a pic:

Image via nitro:licious

See what I mean when I said 'destroyed?' I first found out about these babies through the M.I.S.S. Crew blog - head on over there to find out more details about these jeans (they come in white and black, too) and how to purchase (I can tell you they're $210, and that's about all I know.)

As cool-looking as I think these are, I doubt I'd spend $210 on them. No, let me re-phrase - I wouldn't spend $210 on any denim. Plus, these inspire me to want to try the trend out on my own. One of the perks of unemployment is having lots of time on your hands to do cool projects at home, so I will most definitely be using these as inspiration for my own version. It's kind of ironic, because destroyed denim often costs more than regular non-torn-up jeans... when in reality you're paying more to have someone ruin your jeans before you even wear them. Weird!

Loving: graphic vintage-inspired tees


I dunno about all of you, but I definitely feel like graphic tees have been making a comeback as of late. OK, maybe it's just 'cause I've taken a liking to them, but I couldn't help but notice them on both Carmen Electra and Julianne Hough...

Images via US Weekly

Graphic tees have always been a celeb style staple - starlets love rocking them when running errands, etc. etc. And luckily for us non-celebs, it's a trend we can all emulate and even make our own - don a tee from a band, brand, or sports team that you love. Junk Food makes great ones.

Junk Food Beatles T-Shirt

$34.00 by Junk Food at Buckle

Junk Food Mtv Boom Box Tee

$28.50$14.99 by Junk Food at Delia's

Junk Food Green Eggs And Ham Tee

$26.50 by Junk Food at Delia's


Latest closet additions: denim + jumpsuits!


Hit up the mall with my mom today and FINALLY broke the streak of leaving H&M empty-handed. I managed to scoop up a pair of skinny jeans, I know I didn't *really* need another pair but the wash was just so tempting... Can't wait to pair them with an airy top and cute pair of wedges, once I actually get them. After that purchase I was feeling somewhat edgy so when I stumbled upon this jumpsuit at Forever 21 I just had to buy it...

Serafin Trouser Jumpsuit

$27.80 at Forever 21

For the price, I figured, well why not? Now the only thing I need is some warm weather so I can show off this garment!

Outfit inspiration spotted on the runway


Yesterday I ordered some fabulous open-toed boots from Amazon.com, here's a lil refresher if you've already forgotten...

Luichiny Women's Nelly Open Toe Boot

$109.95$56.58 by Luichiny at Endless.com

Anyways, I said in my post I'd be rockin' these with boyfriend jeans (or probably leggings on another day) 'til the weather warms up. And look at what I spotted on DSquared2's Fall '09 runway via Denimology...

Image via Denimology

Check out the model's footwear! So funny, right? I actually HAD been wondering what kinda top I'd pair with these boots and my jeans, I'm not usually one for button-down shirts and cardigans but this look is so casual chic I just might have to emulate. Cheers!

Kate Beckinsale gets bang-y


Kate Beckinsale hit up New York Fashion week debuting a new coif... More namely, bangs! Hmm, haven't we seen this same hairstyle on another celeb recently?

Love the look on these two but I wouldn't go for it myself - bangs require constant maintenance. I'm just too lazy. But I guess when you're on a celebrity budget anything goes, they can probably have their bangs blown out professionally every day.

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